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Photo Gallery

This post is a dual post both in my personal site blog and the Midwest Lost blog. You might notice that the site photo gallery looks a bit different. Lately I created a new personal photo gallery. After creating it, … Continue reading

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I know the title seems like gibberish, but I’m happy to announce that it is my callsign. On April 14th, I took my technician exam to become an Amature Radio Operator (HAM). I don’t have a radio yet and don’t … Continue reading

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Death to the Red Light Cameras

I love the following news articles: The long and the short is that a woman got a redlight ticket in Akron. Turns out her husband is an attorney with a penchant for fighting with the government. … Continue reading

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Fun with Cisco

Today I got the unique chance to upgrade the IOS’s (Operating System) of some Cisco routers we had laying around. First off I decided to install an extra ethernet card I had laying on my desk so I could setup … Continue reading

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