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Another infrequent update

I know, once again I’ve been lacking in posting, but things are quite busy right now. First off, I’ve had 2 weigh in’s since my last post. I lost 0.8 pounds the first week, and 2.0 pounds the second week. … Continue reading

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I need more discipline

This update is alittle late, but I lost 2.2 pounds. With that, I have also became more lax in tracking. I was full well expecting a gain after going camping, but managed to lose. I should be more hardcore this … Continue reading

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Infrequent Update

It’s been about 3 weeks since my last post (for shame on me). In that time, I had a 1.7 pound loss week followed by a 1.5 pound loss week. Neither are awesome, but atleast they are loses, and give … Continue reading

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