As many of my friends now know, I took my technician test for a ham radio license. I passed that test and on 4/25/2007, I was granted my ham radio license and the call sign of 'kd8gae'. About 2 months later, Carrie got her technician's license and was assigned the call sign of 'kd8gmr'. At that point, she got her own radio (I had already gotten one), and the collection started growing. With that growth, I decided to start collecting documentations relating to radio. This would be owners manuals and information about frequencies and antenna construction. It grew even more when I purchased a 2nd radio (this way we both have a radio in our cars, and a unit in the house).

Since then, I have gotten my general license and received the vanity callsign of 'w8gtf'. Moving forward, I can't wait to fully explore HF.

At that point, I decided that some of the information I had found was difficult to come by, and that I would share the information I had collected. Feel free to click the 'Documentation' link below to browse the documentation I have collected. This page will also grow as I have more content to place on it.

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